Keying Systems

A Master Key, or Restricted Key System by RKL is a system designed to authorise certain keys access to particular areas, rooms or doors but restricting access to unauthorised keys. It eliminates the need carry too many keys and controls who holds keys to access certain rooms. These systems ensure better control of keys and are protected cylinders and keys available only to RKL thereby preventing unauthorised duplication of those keys by anyone other than RKL.

Keying Systems | RKL Security

Rockhampton and Gladstone Master Keying

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Key Plans

Planning is a critical part of a successful keying system. We will collaborate with you and develop, design and maintain a key plan to meet your operational requirements embracing the appropriate levels of restricted key systems, whether it be keyed alike, master keyed or various levels of the grand master key systems. Our key plan will develop and implement key control policies to extend the life and value of the system for your property and can be broadened to include compatible security screens and windows within the system.

Duplicates | RKL Security


RKL will not duplicate any Master or Restricted system keys or supply new cylinders without the authority of one of the signatories to your system in writing. Another Locksmith cannot duplicate any RKL master or restricted key.

Transfers | RKL Security


Want to transfer your system to RKL? Talk to us and if we have the profile of the system, contact your existing provider in writing, quote to them your system identification code and the number or name of the system and notify them and RKL that you require the transfer of all coding’s to RKL as your new Locksmith with our contact details.

Profiles | RKL Security


We can offer a selection of systems in a variety of profiles from our trusted brand manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about the profile that meets your requirements.

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